Monday, November 07, 2005


Microsoft's other OS
Also: Porncasts appear on video-playing iPod.

Yahoo ballyhoo for TiVo
Blog: Yahoo and TiVo announced a deal Monday morning that would allow consumers to program TiVo boxes from a Yahoo page. Later...

Why they say spyware is good for you
CNET's Declan McCullagh explains the growing trend behind installing spyware on Windows PCs without obtaining proper permission.

Mark Cuban eyes Pittsburgh Pirates
The Dallas Mavericks owner and Internet entrepreneur has an abiding interest in his hometown baseball team.

Cable goes for the quadruple play
Newly allied with Sprint Nextel, four cable operators add wireless to their Internet, video and VoIP services.

EMI: We don't use rootkits
Record label claims its copy-restriction software can easily be uninstalled and is not hidden like that used by rival Sony.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Online auto sales scammers to serve time
North Carolina man and Mississippi woman collected more than $60,000 for cars they never delivered.

Why Microsoft plays games with iPod
Blog: After years of observing Microsoft's legal cases, we've learned one thing: Behind every move the company makes, there's always...

Crowd gathers for Homebrew Computer Club's 30th
Cheered on by a crowd of Vintage Computer Festival-goers, veterans of the Homebrew Computer Club remember old times.

Microsoft's other OS
Also: Porncasts appear on video-playing iPod.

Unsecured Wi-Fi would be outlawed by N.Y. county
Westchester County proposes that all businesses providing wireless access must have firewalls and register.

'Madden': The next generation
EA Sports Senior Producer Jeremy Strauser discusses efforts to make the venerable football franchise storm the Xbox 360.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Bird flu brings on PC virus
Virus writers are circulating an e-mail with an attachment that offers information about the bird flu epidemic, along with a Trojan horse, according to a researcher at Panda Software. The software company rated the malware as low-risk.

IBM researchers take Axe to computer security
Researchers at IBM's Almaden Lab have come up with a way to keep worms and viruses from running on computers without the use of antivirus software.

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CrossOver Office aims to ease a switch to Linux
CodeWeavers' new CrossOver Office 5.0, released earlier this week, is designed to help Windows users switch to Linux without having to leave behind all of their favorite applications.

Skype could pose security problems for companies, analysts say
The growing popularity of free Internet telephony software from Skype Technologies could pose the same kind of security challenges for companies that other peer-to-peer technologies have created in recent years, security experts said.

Motorola, Intel to drive mobile WiMax
Motorola Inc. and Intel Corp. are joining forces to lay the groundwork for the next phase of WiMax standardization: establishing profiles that will be used to implement the mobile version of the wireless broadband technology.

Microsoft could pull Windows from S. Korea
Microsoft is warning that it may have to withdraw Windows from the South Korean market if regulators there order it to remove code or redesign Windows.

Google, IBM team on deep-research tool
IBM is linking its OmniFind corporate search system with Google's free desktop search for business to make it easier for users to locate information that's often locked up in separate systems.

Partner: Equifax Hosts FREE Webinar
Data in Danger: Securing Consumer Trust

IT links CRM, analytical tools to keep customers
Users at SAS Institute's BetterManagement conference in Las Vegas said they are combining CRM and analytical tools to retain and gain more revenue from customers.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Laying the first bricks for tax reform
A panel's proposals make compromises that Congress and Bush will need to make anyway.

What's on during Ramadan? Antiterror TV
The evening serials during the holy month are like November television sweeps in the US.

Dick Cheney: no change of role visible
Despite allegations on his role in the CIA leak case, the vice president remains a key shaper of White House policy.

Clash of visions for Latin America
It's Bush vs. Chavez as 33 heads of state ready to meet for Summit of the Americas.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Budget cutters line up targets
Congressional leaders seek to cut $39-50 billion over five years.

On abortion, a nuanced stand
In 3 of 4 cases, Supreme Court nominee Alito voted on the side of abortion rights.

Righting Rangoon
The US and UN can, with China's help, intervene in Burma to end the long suppression.

Bush outlines first US steps against bird flu
The president, citing the potential for an outbreak of avian flu, called for a $7 billion preparedness strategy.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


For postquake Pakistanis, a greater need
Millions of homeless are at risk as winter begins, and yet foreign aid hardly meets the need.

After Wilma's punch, the pinch
Gas shortage: Four days after the hurricane hit their state, many Floridians are lining up for everything from ice to fuel.

UN team names firms in oil-for-food scandal
Nearly half of the 4,500 companies that participated paid Hussein bribes, the report says.

With Miers out, what's Plan B?
Now President Bush must find a Supreme Court nominee who can satisfy his base yet clear the Senate.

Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here.
The Monitor's White House correspondent answers key questions about the investigation.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Readers: Ask the experts about ID theft
Members of's ID theft roundtable panel open up a discussion with editors and our readers.

The customer is sometimes wrong
Also: No customers for Sun's grid?

Palm opens engineering center in Ireland
Center, to be located by Palm's European operations, will focus on mobile-networking technologies such as 3G/UMTS.

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